Army Of Two is a 2008 third-person shooter released on the Playstation 3.
Army Of Two PS3 Box Art

Army Of Two Box Art

Classic Game RoomEdit

Army Of Two PS3 Gameplay

Army Of Two Gameplay

Mark said that it was a very unique concept in a game. He said he had difficultly getting into the game because he was not used third person shooters but also said he requires you to rely on your partner in the game. He said it would be more fun with an actual human as your partner, as he only played with the AI. He said he prefered Resistance: Fall Of Man because it was obviously not real, and this was, and he didn't wanted to be reminded of the world that we live in when playing. He said he didn't care about the story in the game and only recommended it if you liked the modern warfare style of games.
Classic Game Room - ARMY OF TWO for PS3 review07:41

Classic Game Room - ARMY OF TWO for PS3 review

The Review

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