The Atari 7800 ProSystem is a 1986 games console released by Atari.
Atari 7800

The system

The Game RoomEdit

As with all Game Room episodes, they never reviewed the system, but did say that they liked it.

Classic Game RoomEdit

Mark says if you ever want a Atari, you should go for a 7800 as they are newer and more reliable. It also plays 2600 games. Although Mark reveals that he got a 7800 instead of a NES when he was younger, he still doesn't regret it. He said it has a great game library. He hates the North American controllers and says you should get the European controller (seen in the picture). He recommends it.

Classic Game Room HD - ATARI 7800 ProSystem review08:59

Classic Game Room HD - ATARI 7800 ProSystem review

The review

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