Panasonic DVC Pro Deck is a look at how footage is recorded for Classic Game Room.
Panasonic DVC Pro Deck

A Panasonic DVC Pro Deck

Classic Game RoomEdit

Panasonic DVC Pro Tape

Panasonic DVC Pro Tape.

Mark shows us the deck. He tells us that the equipment will be used until it dies. He then shows us a tape that has been used for many different things: Ballblazer, Rolling Thunder, 1943: The Battle of Midway and K.C. Munchkin Part 2. He then shows us playing the tape. He shows us a second one which only works for Playback, showing us the upcoming review of Test Drive Unlimited. We then see a variety of tapes, which hold footage for reviews of Soul Calibur IV, Red Faction Part 2 and Timesplitters: Future Perfect. He then shows us the Video-Editing systems inputs from the deck. He then shows us the Hard Drive and the VCR, with VHS tapes of K.C. Munchkin Part 1 and Karateka. He then shows us the camera tape and plugging it into the DVC Pro deck using an adapter.
Classic Game Room - Behind the Scenes Panasonic DVC Pro Deck08:09

Classic Game Room - Behind the Scenes Panasonic DVC Pro Deck

The Behind the Scenes

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