Bioshock is a 2007 First-Person Shooter released on the Xbox 360.
Bioshock Box Art

Bioshock Box Art

Classic Game Room: Part 1Edit

Bioshock Gameplay

Bioshock Gameplay

Starting off with a gameplay montage Mark said that it was more than a video game, it was an experience. He said it was the best First-Person Shooter he'd ever played. He also said it got top marks in every single category. He noted that it doesn't waste time with cutscenes. He said that it uses Sound, Music and Ambience excellentally. He then explains Plasmids. He said it was completely different to Halo 3. He tells us to stay for Part 2.
Classic Game Room HD - BIOSHOCK review Part 111:05

Classic Game Room HD - BIOSHOCK review Part 1

Part 1

Classic Game Room: Part 2Edit

Mark said that the beauty of the game lies in the details. He said what makes it stand out is the storyline, details and gameplay. He also said it's almost like living in a film. He likes the ability to upgrade weapons. He said he can't wait for a sequel. He recommends it.

Classic Game Room HD - BIOSHOCK review Part 2-007:15

Classic Game Room HD - BIOSHOCK review Part 2-0

Part 2

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