CGR Undertow is the spin-off of Classic Game Room HD. It was mainly hosted by Derek D. Buck and T.J.

Former Hosts Derek D. Buck, T.J. Kevin Lind, Katherine James, Raymond Carsillo
Run May 10, 2010-December 17, 2015.

It ran from May 10, 2010 to December 17, 2015 on the CGR Undertow channel, and like the main channel, focused on Retro and Modern games. During the leave of YouTube starting in December 2013, it too joined the main channel in uploading content to Dailymotion. It returned to YouTube at the same time as the main channel. In 2015, a DVD called "A Great Big Bunch Of CGR Undertow" was also released. Later that year, due to the ad revenue method failing in producing a show, the decision was chosen by Mark to end the show.

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