Choplifter! is a 1986 SHUMP released on the Sega Master System.
Choplifter MS Box Art

Choplifter! Box Art

Classic Game RoomEdit

Choplifter MS Gameplay

Choplifter! Gameplay

Mark said that he likes the music. He said this version crushes the Atari 7800 version. He notes it suffers from flicker. He explains the gameplay. He notes we get points in this version. He said it's very bright and colourful. He recommended it.
Classic Game Room HD - CHOPLIFTER for Sega Master System05:15

Classic Game Room HD - CHOPLIFTER for Sega Master System

The review

CGR PackagingEdit

Mark compared it to Apache Air Assault. He said that Apache Air Assault has a far better cover. He also said the manual and cartridge are bland and boring. He liked both of the rear designs.

Classic Game Room - CHOPLIFTER vs02:36

Classic Game Room - CHOPLIFTER vs. APACHE AIR ASSAULT packaging review

The review


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