Contra: ReBirth is a 2009 Action game released on the Nintendo Wii.
Contra Rebirth Box Art

Contra ReBirth Box Art

Classic Game RoomEdit

Contra Rebirth Gameplay

Contra ReBirth Gameplay

Mark said that it had awesome music and a great plot. He said the original was one of his favourite NES games. He also said you have to concentrate because of how many things are on screen at one time. He noted that there was some nods to Aliens. He said you can play two playe co-op. He also said the game doesn't take itself seriously. He noted that he had a lot of fun playing it. He recommends it and many other titles on the Wii Shop Channel.
Classic Game Room HD - CONTRA REBIRTH for Nintendo Wii review05:36

Classic Game Room HD - CONTRA REBIRTH for Nintendo Wii review

The review

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