Darkest Of Days is a 2009 First-Person Shooter released on the Xbox 360.
Darkest Of Days Box Art

Darkest Of Days Box Art

Classic Game RoomEdit

Darkest Of Days Gameplay

Darkest Of Days Gameplay

Mark said that it was an interesting game. He said you weren't supposed to mess with history, but in the first mission you get a machine gun in World War 1. He also said it's full of techincal problems, such as it's extremely jerky and he got stuck behind a fence, but he kept playing because he wanted to know where the game went. He noted that it was very unbalanced. He said it didn't have multiplayer. He recommended it.
Classic Game Room HD - DARKEST OF DAYS review Xbox 36007:01

Classic Game Room HD - DARKEST OF DAYS review Xbox 360

The review

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