F1: Championship Edition is a 2007 Racing game released on the Playstation 3.
F1 Championship Edition Box Art

F1: Championship Edition Box Art

Classic Game RoomEdit

F1 Championship Edition Gameplay

F1: Championship Edition Gameplay

It starts off with a gameplay montage. Mark said that he knows nothing about F1 racing. He does however say that he loves racing games. He said it's much faster and precise and this makes it challenging. He says that the tracks are well detailed. He said it's an excellent driving game if your going to playing it for a while. He said that usually when he plays a game to review he plays on Medium. This game required him to play on Easy and turn damage off. He says that you are involved with the pit stops. He noted that he spent a long time in qualifying and not actually racing so for the footage he played a lot in quick race mode. He then compares it to Super Monaco GP. He recommended it.
Classic Game Room - F1 CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION review for PS312:10

Classic Game Room - F1 CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION review for PS3

The review

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