Far Cry: Vengeance is a 2006 First-Person Shooter released on the Nintendo Wii.
Far Cry Vengeance Box Art

Far Cry: Vengeance Box Art

Classic Game RoomEdit

Far Cry Vengeance Gameplay

Far Cry: Vengeance Gameplay

Mark said that it looks like the game was made in 1997. He said it felt like it was made for another game system but was then ported to the system. He said he was sad that he actually played this. He noted that the enemy A.I. was stupid. He said that the framerate was terrible and jerky. He didn't like the predator mode. He didn't recommend it.
Classic Game Room HD - FAR CRY VENGEANCE for Wii review06:46

Classic Game Room HD - FAR CRY VENGEANCE for Wii review

The review

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