The Green Ring Of Life is a 2009 review of the warranty service offered by Microsoft for the Xbox 360. It is the sequel to the Red Ring of Death video.
Green Ring of Life

The Green Ring Of Life

Classic Game RoomEdit

Mark said that he hopes his Xbox 360 is now working. He is pleased with the warranty service. He shows us the Magnavox Odyssey² which still works. He notes that the bag says "Welcome" in every language. He also notes the free Xbox Live one month code. He tells us that it requires the hard drive to not be sent off. He moves it to a different location to avoid ventilation issues. He recommends their warranty service.
Classic Game Room HD - GREEN RING OF LIFE (RROD) review Xbox 36005:27

Classic Game Room HD - GREEN RING OF LIFE (RROD) review Xbox 360

The review

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