Heavy Nova is a 1991 platformer released on the Sega Genesis.
Heavy Nova Box Art

Heavy Nova Box Art

Classic Game RoomEdit

Heavy Nova Gameplay

Heavy Nova Gameplay

Mark said that it seems that it's going to be a great game, but isn't. He said that he bought the game because he wanted to review Hard Nova, and thought that he was remembering the title wrong. Playing the game he realised that it was a different game and was terrible, commentating that it was unplayable. He noted that the controls sucked and when the enemies ducked, they were invincible. Also he noted that there were no button combinations. He also noted the fact that when your power meter goes down past two bars, your character locks down and will not move. Even after the first level, it is still unplayable and the mission statments have not been proof read. He highly recommended you don't buy it, and wondered how it was green lighted for release.
Classic Game Room - HEAVY NOVA review for Sega Genesis11:59

Classic Game Room - HEAVY NOVA review for Sega Genesis

The review

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