The NES Action Set is a 1990 Game Console released by Nintendo.
NES Action Set

The NES Action Set

Classic Game RoomEdit

Mark said that his original NES has died. So he was forced to find another system. He notes that it comes with an instruction manual for the NES Zapper. He shows us the poster, Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt and the system. He said everyone should unbox an old system, as it's fun to do.

Classic Game Room HD - NES ACTION SET Unboxing Review06:24

Classic Game Room HD - NES ACTION SET Unboxing Review

The review

CGR PackagingEdit

Mark compared it to the 3DS's packaging. He said it was very loud and easy to spot on a shelf. He also said it tells you the games that are coming out and the hardware. He noted that the manual is quite short. He prefered it to the 3DS's Packaging.

Classic Game Room - NINTENDO 3DS vs04:21

Classic Game Room - NINTENDO 3DS vs. NES packaging review

The review

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