Pac-Man is a 1982 Maze game released on the Atari 5200.
Pac-Man Atari 5200 Box Art

Pac-Man Box Art

Classic Game RoomEdit

Pac-Man Atari 5200 Gameplay

Pac-Man Gameplay

Mark said that working with the Atari 5200 is difficult. He said the system is like an old car, it looks nice, but it's always in the shop getting fixed. He also said that this is an excellent port. He noted that the controller sucked. He said that it was much better than the 2600 Version. He praised the graphics and sound. He said it sounded better than some Atari 7800 games. He recommends it.
Classic Game Room HD - PAC MAN for Atari 5200 review06:48

Classic Game Room HD - PAC MAN for Atari 5200 review

The review

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