Perfect Dark Zero is a 2005 First-Person Shooter released on the Xbox 360.
Perfect Dark Zero Box Art

Perfect Dark Zero Box Art

Classic Game RoomEdit

Perfect Dark Zero Gameplay

Perfect Dark Zero Gameplay

Mark said that it was an early Xbox 360 game. He praised the level design, weapons and music. He said it was a prequel to the N64 game. He also said it was very cheap and packed a lot of game for the money. He praised the replay value and said it was very fun. He said the movement was very slow. He also said it can occassionally get challenging. He praised the level design again. He said it was still fun, and people still played multiplayer online. He recommended it.
Classic Game Room HD - PERFECT DARK ZERO for Xbox 360 review07:52

Classic Game Room HD - PERFECT DARK ZERO for Xbox 360 review

The review

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