Pit-Fighter is a 1991 Fighting game released on the Sega Genesis.
Pit-Fighter Box Art

Pi-Fighter Box Art

Classic Game RoomEdit

Pit-Fighter Gameplay

Pit-Fighter Gameplay

Mark said that it's so bad, it's good. He said it's a very cheesy game and said it's aged very poorly. He also said it's a button masher. He noted it was a good game to play with the Arcade stick. He said if your good at Streets Of Rage, you'd be good at this. He also said the computer isn't very challenging, and is a great party game. He noted it was very similar to Kasumi Ninja. He recommended it.
Classic Game Room HD - PIT FIGHTER for Sega Genesis review05:07

Classic Game Room HD - PIT FIGHTER for Sega Genesis review

The review

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