Pulstar is a 1995 SHUMP released on the Neo-Geo CD.
Pulstar NGCD Box Art

Pulstar Box Art

Classic Game RoomEdit

Pulstar NGCD Gameplay

Pulstar Gameplay

Mark said that it is a popular game. He said it's one of the best looking side-scrolling shooters available. He also said it's a challenging game for R-Type fans. He noted that the first two levels and end-bosses are easy to beat. He praised it's visuals, but said it takes a long time to load. He said it suffers from a lot of slowdown. He also said many games were available on the Neo-Geo CD and he would be reviewing them. He recommeded it.
Classic Game Room HD - PULSTAR for Neo Geo CD review07:25

Classic Game Room HD - PULSTAR for Neo Geo CD review

The review

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