Resistance: Fall Of Man is a 2006 First-Person Shooter released on the Playstation 3.
Resistance Fall of Man cover

Resistance: Fall Of Man Box Art

Classic Game Room: Part 1Edit

The review starts with a montage of kills set to a techno track. Mark then says - "If you like to shoot things, or blow shit up, this is the game for you". He says it's the first PS3 game he's played and one of the best first person shooters ever. He praises the recreation of the walls around York , and the World War II style battle
Resistance Fall Of Man Gameplay

Resistance: Fall Of Man Gameplay

scenes. He also likes the trench parts. He also likes the amount of weapons in the game. He says the game doesn't ever get boring.
Classic Game Room - RESISTANCE FALL OF MAN Part 1, PS308:03

Classic Game Room - RESISTANCE FALL OF MAN Part 1, PS3

Part 1 of the review

Classic Game Room: Part 2Edit

In Part 2, Mark says that he likes the different types of grenades. He likes the designs of the aliens themselves, calling them "a mix between the Droids from Star Wars, and the Facehuggers from Aliens". He compares it to the Call Of Duty series, but this is before Modern Warfare 2. He praises the storyline, but said it wasn't using the full potential of the Playstation 3. The rest of the review is his opinion of the PS3. He does however, recommend the game if you bought a PS3 when it was new.

Classic Game Room - RESISTANCE FALL OF MAN Part 2, PS307:17

Classic Game Room - RESISTANCE FALL OF MAN Part 2, PS3

Part 2 of the review

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