Rolling Stone: Drum King is a 2009 Music game released on the Nintendo Wii.
Rolling Stones Drum King Box Art

Rolling Stone: Drum King Box Art

Classic Game RoomEdit

Rolling Stones Drum King Gameplay

Rolling Stone: Drum King Gameplay

Mark said that is targeted at parents that don't want to buy the entire Guitar Hero set. He said it didn't have a large budget as Guitar Hero. He notes the music is not from the actual artists, it's just cover bands. He also said because you don't have drums it's challenging. He noted after a while it gets very tiring because the Wii Remote is heavier than drumsticks. He recommends it.
Classic Game Room HD - ROLLING STONE DRUM KING for Wii05:48

Classic Game Room HD - ROLLING STONE DRUM KING for Wii

The review

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