The Sega Genesis Model 2 is a 1994 Games console made by Sega.
Sega Genesis Model 2

The Genesis Model 2

Classic Game RoomEdit

Sega Genesis Model 2 with Controller-

A Sega Genesis Model 2, with a controller

Mark said that if the Sega Genesis Model 1 was too big for you, you could get this slimmer Model 2 unit. He notes that the controller ports are centered and that controllers all work on each other. He tells us that the Model 1 power supply doesn't work on it. He notes that it doesn't have the headphone jack on the front so you don't get Stereo audio. He also said that the AV cables are different. He also said it works with the Sega CD and Sega 32X, but the cable for that is easier to find for this one. He recommends it.
Classic Game Room - SEGA GENESIS MODEL 2 game console review-107:40

Classic Game Room - SEGA GENESIS MODEL 2 game console review-1

The review

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