The Playstation 3 40GB is a 2006 Console released by Sony.

Playstation 3 Console

Classic Game RoomEdit

SixAxis Controller

SixAxis controller.

Mark said that was more like a complete home entertainment center. He said that the shiny black surface attracts lots of dust and this can cause issues. Mark also notes that since the 1970's no one console manufacturer has had complete control of the market for over a decade. He also thinks that it won't be successful as the PS1 or PS2 because they botched the release of the console. He also notes that most games come out on both consoles now. He also says that Sony equipment is high quality, and you can see this it has a blu-ray player. He also says that it is too expensive to be mass-market. He also says that it sucks that it doesn't come with Component cables or a HDMI cable. He does recommend it, but only to watch movies (at that moment)
Classic Game Room - PLAYSTATION 3 game console review PS307:36

Classic Game Room - PLAYSTATION 3 game console review PS3

The review

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