Syphon Filter 2 is a third person stealth shooter for the Playstation 1. It was released in 2000.

Syphon Filter 2 Box Art

The Syphon Filter 2 Box Art.

The Game RoomEdit

The Game Room reviewed the game on 5th April 2000. Dave said it was incredibly
Syphon Filter 2 Gameplay

Gameplay of Syphon Filter 2

frustrating and not very fun. Mark agreed with him, and said you spent more time dying than everything else. Dave said it was boring, but the storyline was okay, but not enough to make it game any good. They didn't recommend it.
Classic Game Room reviews SYPHON FILTER 2 for Playstation06:08

Classic Game Room reviews SYPHON FILTER 2 for Playstation

The Review

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