The Conduit is a 2009 First-Person Shooter released on the Nintendo Wii.
The Conduit Box Art

The Conduit Box Art

Classic Game RoomEdit

The Conduit Gameplay

The Conduit Gameplay

Mark said that it's one of the best shooters on the Wii. He said it reminds him of Men In Black mixed with Halo. He praises the multiplayer and music. He said it controls a lot like Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. He also said the guns run out of ammo easily and the difficultity can spike up and down. He loved the multiplayer, as it's one of the only first-person shooters with a multiplayer mode on the system. He doesn't like the box art. He recommends it.
Classic Game Room HD - THE CONDUIT for Wii review07:15

Classic Game Room HD - THE CONDUIT for Wii review

The review

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