The Video Game Years is a Internet TV show premiering on Febuary 21, 2012 on Although not owned or produced by Classic Game Room, it features Mark talking about some video games. RETROWARE SHOW PAGE.

The Video Game Years Logo

Contributors (Alphabetical)Edit

Derek Alexander - Happy Video Game Nerd

Clint Basinger - Lazy Game Reviews

Andrew Bates - Narration

Mark Bussler - Exexutive Producer of Classic Game Room

Justin Carmical - Jew Wario/You Can Play This

Norman Caruso - The Gaming Historian

David Crane - Video Game Designer

Pat Contri / Ian Ferguson / Frank - Pat The NES Punk

Lance Cortez / John Delia - RetrowareTV

Joey DeSena - 16-Bit Gems

Dan Eardley - From Pixels To Plastic

Mike Falkingham / Terence Kesley - Charge Back Forward

Ben Hall - Video Game Take-out

Jay Hatfield / Billy Hudson / Dodongo - The Game Chasers

Chris Kohler - Editor of Wired Magazine

Eric Lappe - Let's Get

John Lester - Gamester81

Jason Lindsey / Paul Quinn - Metal Jesus Rocks / Drunken Master Paul

Kieran MacFarland - Boomstick Reviews

Bob Mackey - US Gamer

Howard Philips - FMA Creative Director of Nintendo Of America

Keith Robinson - President of Intellivision Productions, Inc

James Rofle - Angry Video Game Nerd /

Joe Santulli - Digital Press & The Video Histroy Museum

Tommy Tallarico - Video Game Composer / Video Games Live

Kevin Willingham - Retroactive

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