Timesplitters is a 2000 First-Person Shooter released on the Playstation 2.
Timesplitters Box Art

Timesplitters Box Art

Classic Game RoomEdit

Timesplitters Gameplay

Timesplitters Gameplay

Mark said that he's played it more than he's willing to admit. He said it's very similiar to GoldenEye. He explains the concept and gameplay. He said it works well in multiplayer. He also said the controls are similiar to other first-person shooters. He then plays against his old roommate again. He said the sound effects make the game stand out. He praises the level design. He said this feels very fast and responsive and was really fun. He notes that you don't have health packs. He wants a return to the series. He recommends it.
Classic Game Room HD - TIME SPLITTERS 1 for PS210:02

Classic Game Room HD - TIME SPLITTERS 1 for PS2

The review

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