Virtua Fighter 5 is a 2007 fighting game released on the Playstation 3.
Virtua Fighter 5 PS3 Box Art

Virtua Fighter 5 Box Art

Classic Game RoomEdit

Virtua Fighter 5 PS3 Gameplay

Virtua Fighter 5 Gameplay

The review starts with a montage of character start ups. Mark said that they didn't choose to reinvent to gameplay. He said he paid $19.95 which was what he expects to pay for games. He says for that price point it does not disappoint. He says the last Virtua Fighter game he played was number 2. He also says that it was a early game for the system. He said he was confused by all the different game modes. He said he was confused on why it didn't have online, as Sony was trying to push it. He said he liked the character creation mode. He did say that it put up a challenge towards the end. He recommended it.
Classic Game Room - VIRTUA FIGHTER 5 for PS3 review13:17

Classic Game Room - VIRTUA FIGHTER 5 for PS3 review

The review

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