Warhawk is a 2007 Third-Person shooter for the Playstation 3.
Warhawk PS3 Box Art

Warhawk Box Art

Classic Game RoomEdit

Warhawk PS3 Gameplay

Warhawk Gameplay

The review starts of with a montage of gameplay. Mark said that he didn't expect the game to be good after hearing other reviews of it. He said it reminded him of Star Wars Battlefront . He also said it was equal to Halo 3 in online fun factor. He said that when he started he sucked really bad at the game, but later in the game he was kicking ass. He also thought he wouldn't enjoy the Tanks and Troopers. He praised the graphics and audio, but didn't like the amount of maps and expected more as DLC. He also liked the games sense of humour. He also said that there was lots of people playing the game online. He recommended it.
Classic Game Room - WARHAWK review for PlayStation 309:52

Classic Game Room - WARHAWK review for PlayStation 3

The review

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