Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style is a 1999 fighting game released on the Playstation 1.
Wu-Tang Shaolin Style PS1 Box Art

Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style Box Art

The Game RoomEdit

Wu-Tang Shaolin Style PS1 Gameplay

Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style Gameplay

The Game Room reviewed in on April 20th 2000. Mark said that it was splendid, and Dave said it was wonderful. The did note that it had a parental lock feature. They then said that they loved the game. They noted the fluidity of the gameplay and the extreme amount of violence. Mark also noted the multiplayer mode. Mark also said it had one of the best intro sequences of any PS1 game. They Recommended It.
Classic Game Room reviews WU TANG SHAOLIN STYLE for PS109:53

Classic Game Room reviews WU TANG SHAOLIN STYLE for PS1

The Review

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