X-Men is a 1993 action game released on the Sega Genesis .
X-Men Genesis Box Art

X-Men Box Art

The Game RoomEdit

X-Men Genesis Gameplay

X-Men Gameplay

 The Game Room reviewed it on the 25th July 2000. Mark said that him and Dave met in Professor Xaviers School. It then goes to a cutaway gag in which they attempt to stop a bad guy by throwing beer bottles and swearing at him. They then go into a review of the game. They said whatever difficulty you played on, it was always hard. Mark jokes that it should be renamed the X-People as women were in the game. They then reveal they are reviewing the game due to the new X-Men movie. It then goes to a cutaway shot in which they fight "Dragneto". They recommended it.
Classic Game Room reviews X-MEN for Sega Genesis07:43

Classic Game Room reviews X-MEN for Sega Genesis

The Review

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