Xenophobe is a 1989 platformer released on the Atari 7800.
Xenophobe 7800 Box Art

Xenophobe Box Art

Classic Game RoomEdit

Xenophobe 7800 Gameplay

Xenophobe Gameplay

Mark said that it gets the award for the most depressing music. He said that the controls sucked. He noted that you have no button to jump. He said that people are probably more familiar with the NES version. He said the colours were muted and the graphics looked horrible. He liked the artwork on the box and the starting screen. He also noted that this version gives you different difficulties. He said it's only for collectors now.
Classic Game Room HD - XENOPHOBE for Atari 7800 review05:50

Classic Game Room HD - XENOPHOBE for Atari 7800 review

The review

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