Xevious is a 2007 SHUMP released on the Xbox 360 . It is based on the 1983 arcade game.
Xevious Xbox 360 Box Art

Xevious "Box Art"

Classic Game RoomEdit

Xevious Xbox 360 Gameplay

Xevious Gameplay

Mark said that it was one of the games that influenced the video game industry. He also said it was difficult but fun. He said he was glad Xbox Live exists so younger generations will be able to play the game. He was also glad that it was in it's orginal aspect ratio. He also said that the story doesn't matter, as the obective to blow things up. He also noted that you can't power up your weapons which makes it challenging. He also said he enjoyed the spinning plates in the air. He also liked the leaderboards and achievements in the Xbox 360 version. He did note that he didn't like the Xbox 360 controller for the game, due to the DPAD. He also noted the lack of autofire. He also said that the music didn't get boring, even if it repeats itself. He also said it was quite cheap. He recommended it.
Classic Game Room - XEVIOUS review for Xbox 36009:38

Classic Game Room - XEVIOUS review for Xbox 360

The review

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